Glen Park

This is a fun place to ride just outside of downtown Stroudsburg, Pa. To get here take exit 50 from route 80. If you're heading East it's the Park Avenue exit; at the end of the exit ramp turn left (if you make a right turn you'll see the new home of Cycle Board Sports) onto Park Avenue. Make the first right turn onto Lenox Street, go one block and make a right turn onto Broad Street. Again go one block and make a left onto Collins Street.

If you were heading West on route 80, get off at the Broad Street exit, make a left from the exit ramp onto Broad Street, go two blocks and make a left onto Collins Street.

Once on Collins Street, travel for several blocks and through two or three stop signs until the road starts going down a hill and curving to the left. At this point make a right into the drive where there is a sign stating No Vehicles or Trespassing after Sunset.

After parking you have two options. The first is to head for the natural half pipe off to the right of the parking lot. Climb up the short trail and get ready for some wicked fun flying up and down the very steep slopes!

From the left side of the parking lot you can pick up a trail behind the backstop that will take you through dirt roads, powerlines, and singletrack. From here you can ride into the cool little town of Delaware Water Gap.

I've included a hand drawn map here to give you the basic trail structure.