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Pohopoco Tract

This area is maintained by the Bureau of Forestry, and is a unique place to ride because the trails use a numbering system, and there are signs at each intersection telling you where you are, the direction of travel to the next point, and the intended use of that trail.

To get here, get off route 80 at exit 39 (Blakeslee), and head South on route 115. If you were heading West on 80 make a left off the exit ramp and travel 5 miles. If you were heading east on route 80 make a right from the exit ramp and travel 4.8 miles. Turn right onto a gravel driveway with the Delaware State Forest Recreation Area sign. The parking lot is in on your left.

There is a box by the sign at the entrance to the parking lot that sometimes has maps of the area in it. If you continue up the road past the parking lot you will see the Warden's house and the firetower on your right. There is another map box on the left side of the road at this point, and you have a better chance of finding a map here. I drew a map outlining the main biking trails, and you can print it out to take with you in case there are no maps available. I didn't draw all the trails, because some are for hiking only.


Which leads me to my next point. These trails are open to hikers, horses, ATVs, and snowmobiles also, so use caution on all these trails. If you encounter someone riding a horse towards you, stop and get off your bike and allow him or her to pass. If you are coming up behind a horse, get off your bike and ask them if it is okay to pass. It is very easy to spook a horse if you go flying by on your bike and you don't want to be responsible for someone getting hurt.

I've outlined a small loop here (6.3 miles) that will give you a good feel for the place. Most of it is wide dirt roads, but there are some rocky downhills to be careful on. If your mileage doesn't exactly jibe with mine don't sweat it because it's pretty hard to get lost up here, especially with the map.

At the end of this ride you'll pass the firetower which you can climb (at your own risk) for an incredible view. The tower is 80 feet tall, and with an elevation of 2212 feet, the highest accessible point in Monroe County. From here back to the parking lot you have a screaming downhill, but this road is open to cars, so be aware of traffic.

Start at the trailhead at the far end of the parking lot (#2 on the map).




Start at trailhead (point #2),go around gate and down Slutter Road


Scenic vista. Continue through points 62 & 64


At point 67, make a right onto Bitzer Road, go through points 68 and 70


At point 71, make a right onto Scrub Oak Trail


Make a left at T


Point 57 is on top of rocky area (no sign here). At end of rocky area (before gate) make a right


At point 55 make a left. Continue past points 54 and 47 on Plantation Road


At point 48 make a right onto Old Farm Road, continue past 46


At point 45 make a left, then another quick left, continue past 42. Grind up long hill


Go around gate, then stay on the road to the right, past firetower at 5.8 miles, then down hill


Finish in parking lot