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Mountain Biking in Eastern Pennsylvania

I live in the Pocono Mountains region of Pennsylvania, which is a great place to live if you're an outdoor enthusiast! There's an abundance of all types of outdoor recreation, including boating, fishing, skiing, hiking, and of course, mountain biking. I'm only about a 35 minute drive from Jim Thorpe, PA - one of the best biking areas in the country! There are trails to match every skill level, from wide mostly flat double-track to the coolest single-track and extremely technical downhill. You could probably spend weeks out there exploring the many miles of trails.

General Info

I think it's important for us all to realize that trails across the country are being closed to mountain bikers all the time. We need to always ride responsibly and be courteous to others who share the same trails. A great place for information on this and related topics is the homepage for the International Mountain Biking Association. Be sure to read Rules of the Trail.

At least some of the trails on this page fall within State Game Lands. Generally, hunting is not allowed on Sundays in Pennsylvania, but during hunting season play it safe and make sure you can be seen by wearing blaze orange if you will be riding in these areas. You can check out the Pennsylvania Game Commission's site for the hunting seasons.
PA Game Commission

There are some great books with trail descriptions for the area in them. If you plan on riding in the Jim Thorpe area, I highly recommend A Guide to Mountain Biking in Jim Thorpe & the Western Poconos, by David Matsinko. It can be purchased from Blue Mountain Sports & Wear.
Blue Mountain Sports

Two other good sources for trail information are Butler's Pocono Mountain Bike Trail Guide, by Harry Butler, and A Guide to Selected Mountain Biking Trails in Northwestern NJ and Eastern PA, by Rob Merrifield. These can be purchased at Vitulli's Outdoor Sports Center.

Some of the trail descriptions on this page have specific directions that include mileage. It's important to make sure your cycling computer is properly calibrated to avoid an unplanned overnight camping trip!
Calibration Info

Disclaimer: Although the descriptions of the trails listed below are accurate to the best of my knowledge, I assume no liability if you get lost or injured on any of these rides. Mountain biking is a potentially dangerous sport - ride hard and have fun, but always know and stay within your limits.

The Trails

Jim Thorpe area
Weekend Warrior
Broad Mountain Loop
The Deer Path
Lehigh Gorge

Stroudsburg, PA area
Glen Park

Long Pond, PA area


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